An interior detail starts off with a thorough vacuuming. Like what washing is to the exterior, vacuuming is the most important part of an interior detail. One of the big differences makers when it comes to vacuuming is "dry brushing" the carpet to loosen and expose all the dirt and other contaminants that vacuuming alone can't remove. We'll go over the area to remove the big stuff, scrub the carpets with a nylon brush, and then vacuum everything thoroughly.

Once the vacuuming is complete, we work from the top down. We pre-treat the headliner with an enzyme cleaner that helps break down dirt, stains, and odors. We then use our steamer to clean the area thoroughly. The next step is to clean all the plastic and vinyl surfaces. We pre-treat the areas with a light cleaner and use a boars-hair brush to agitate the surfaces. Boars hair brushes are very gentle so they will not jeopardize the integrity of the interior surfaces. From there we once again use our steamer to gently and thoroughly clean the surfaces.

Steam can also get into all those tight crevices and hard to reach areas that typically cannot be reached. We use this same process for the leather seating. However, after the leather is steam cleaned we immediately apply a leather conditioner. The heat from the steam opens the pores of the leather and by conditioning it while the pores are open allows the leather to better absorb the conditioner, making it feel very soft and supple.

From there we turn our attention to the carpets, mats, and any upholstery. Just like the headliner, these areas are pre-treated with an enzyme cleaner to help break down dirt, stains, and odors. Unlike the the headliner though, the carpets, mats, and upholstery are agitated once again with a nylon brush. We then go over those areas with our steamer and then wipe away the contaminants with a soft clean terry cloth towel. The last step is to condition the previously cleaned plastic and vinyl surfaces. We use a water-based conditioner for these surfaces to leave them looking new and not greasy.

Engines are degreased and dressed with a water-based conditioner to bring back the same look it had when it came from the factory.

Glass is cleaned streak-free inside and out.

Wheels, tires, and wheel wells are thoroughly cleaned. The tires and wheel wells are then dressed to provide a new look. The wheels are treated with a polymer spray wax to protect them from brake dust and other contaminants.

Exterior body is clayed, polished, sealed and waxed.


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